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Get ready because this Fall season Scentsy's got something spooky in-store! A BRAND-NEW "Nightmare Before Christmas" Scentsy Collection is arriving September 1st, which is just in time for Halloween! This ALL-NEW nostalgically spooky collection will feature a NEW Scentsy bar, and a Jack Skellington Scentsy warmer! Fully detailed to perfection, with all the spooky accents from the beloved film.

The NEW "Nightmare Before Christmas" inspired Scentsy bar is called; "Jack's Obsession," and couldn't be more spot-on with the movie. The bar is beautifully scented with sweet apple, and spiced with clove and cinnamon. This bar makes the perfect Fall/Halloween scent! "Jack's Obsession" will retail for $6.50.

The NEW warmer is called “Pumpkin King”, and could the name be any more fitting?! Jack is upon a tombstone shaped warmer, with accents that look like the iron cemetery gates from the movie. You can transform your home into a "Nightmare Before Christmas" Halloween Town, by adding Jack Skellington to your Halloween decor this Fall! ;)

Interested in purchasing this warmer or wax bar? These types of specialty warmers and wax sell out very fast so if you'd like to pre-order, please send me a message via email or directly through my website messenger!! ;)

Hope you're as excited as I am about these NEW items!!

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