Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tips & Tricks

Updated: Feb 8

Here are some of the many tips and tricks you can use in ACNH. From shaking trees to digging up fossils, there are soo many things to learn about ACNH!!

Shaking Trees

Shaking trees is one of the fun ways you can receive items! Items such as; tree branches, coins, furniture, and unfortunately sometimes wasps! (ugh) Every day you can receive 2 furniture items on your island, as well as coins! (Note: you can only get furniture items and coins from non-fruit trees)

Money Trees

Have you ever seen that glowing spot in the ground? That's 1,000 bells! But did you know, you can actually replant 10,000 bells in that exact spot, and receive 3 times the amount of bells once it's fully grown. (30,000 bells!)


Fishing in Animal Crossing is soo much fun and soo realistic! I've learned that you can definitely tell which type of fish you'll catch just based on the size and the location of the fish shadow. Bigger shadows tend to be bigger fish, and smaller ones have smaller shadows. Most of the time the big shadows will be sea bass if you're fishing in the ocean, and black bass if you're fishing the rivers and creeks. The best places to look for rare fish are; under bridges, near the river mouth, and on higher levels of your island. No matter what size shadow, you'll usually get a rare fish in the 2nd and 3rd levels of your island, especially in small ponds. If you ever see a shadow with a fin (sometimes red), it'll either be a sucker fish or a shark!

Wisp the Friendly Ghost

They say he shows up at random times, but I've noticed that "Wisp" the ghost usually shows up on your island when it gets dark. When you first talk to him, you'll startle him and his wisp spirits will spread about your island and you have to find them. Once you find all of the wisp spirit's pieces, he will reward you with a furniture item!


Digging up fossils is essential to helping the island museum prosper. Every time you see a star shaped hole in the ground, it's either a fossil or an item that you may have previously buried. There are about 5 fossils hidden around your island on a daily basis, so dig them up and have Blathers will assess them to see if the museum needs them. If the museum already has them, then you can either display them or sell them for a very nice amount of bells ;)

Shooting Stars

On certain nights, there are shooting stars that you can see from your island!

Isabelle will even tell you in the morning announcements on days when you're going to see shooting stars. Shooting stars can give you star fragments, and star fragments are rare, used to craft DIYs, and they are worth lots of bells.

To wish on a star; make sure your hands are empty and you use the R control stick to look up. You can see them, and hear them. They make a twinkle sound so even if your not looking up when they go by, you'll still hear them. When you see or hear them, look up and press A to make a wish! The next day you will find star fragments washed up on your beach!

Also, on nights when you have shooting stars, Celeste will show up! Look for her to receive a super awesome celestial-themed DIYs!!

Selling Bugs & Fish

To maximize your bell profits, it's best to sell your bugs and fish to special travelling collectors. You can sell your bugs to Flick, and your fish to C.J. These characters show up on your island at random times, so if you have bugs or fish that sell for more at Nook's Cranny, I suggest putting them in storage until a collector shows up. Doing so will be worth the wait because they pay almost 3 times what Nook's Cranny will pay!

I hope these Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips were helpful!

More to come soon!! Peace, Love & Happiness ;)

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