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I've always read and heard about people who have recieved FREE stuff in the mail. After a while this sparked my interest, and over the last few months I've been persistently determined to get something, no matter what it was, FREE! After doing tremendous research and completing numerous surveys, I've finally figured out how to get FREE stuff and I want to share my knowledge with the world :)

Many websites claim you'll get free stuff, but only a few ACTUALLY send you free stuff. Keep in mind that you usually can't get something for nothing. Your time and commitment is usually a requirement to LEGITIMATELY recieve freebies. It takes some work, and dedication, but it will SURELY pay off in the long run! Here are the top 5 sites I've tested and still use to get 100% FREE STUFF!! For example; food, clothing, stickers, household items and even gift cards and money! Its tried and true!!

5. Freebiesinyourmail.com

This site finds and lists all the current freebies and sample offers. They update their site daily, and you can sign up for email alerts to get the latest freebies as soon as they're available! I love this site, and use it everyday!

4. Freeflys

Similar to #5, this site locates and displays links to various freebies and samples. You can subscribe to text alerts for the most up to date freebie offers. Im a text alert subscriber, and use this site daily.

3. Tryspree

This site is great because it organizes free samples and alows you to order the freebies with just one click. You create a profile and it saves your information for the purpose of requesting samples.

2. Viewpoints

Viewpoints sampling is wonderful! I've been using this site for months now and have already recieved MULTIPLE full-sized items to review. All they ask is that you review the products after using them! Love it!

1. PINCHme

By far my favorite site to use! You recieve points for completing surveys on their site. Once you've reached 300 points (about 3-4 surveys) you will be eligible for a BOX full of samples! I've just started this a month ago and already recieved 2 boxes with one currently on the way! They also require feedback on all products but its totally worth it! Try it, you'll love it!

I hope this information helps you get that much closer to freebies! There's a great big world of freebies out there, you just have to find them! Be persistent, and GOOD LUCK :)

Comment below if you'd like to share great sites that you've tried!

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