Top 5 Veggies to Regrow from Clippings

Did you know that almost all of the vegetables and fruits we eat can be regrown from scraps/clippings? When I found this out I was amazed. Regrowing from clippings is not only fun but it can potentially save you hundreds of dollars through the course of a year! I know, I've counted it up ;) Here are my top 5 favorite plants to regrow from clippings, and how you can do it too!

#5. Lettuce

Place stem of lettuce head in a cup of water for a few days. After you notice little sprouts of lettuce coming up, place the stem in moist soil in sun. This will grow super fast, so make sure you keep the soil moist (I use a bowl of water underneath the pot), and spray the leaves with a mist of water every couple days as well. Once leaves are about 8-12 inches high, trim leaves and watch it keep growing!! It's amazing ;)

regrowing lettuce from core

how to regrow lettuce from core

#4. Pineapple

Take the top of a pineapple and peel most of the extra pieces off. Place in water for a couple days. After you notice roots at the bottom place it in soil. Allow it to get some indoor sun before placing it outside. The pineapple trees take a long time to grow, so if you are unsure, gently lift the pineapple top out of the dirt and if you see roots - you're in good shape ;) If not, just try again when you eat your next pineapple! (you may have to clip any dead/dry edges to help promote growth - as you see in the image below)

how to regrow pineapple from stem

#3. Apples

Have you ever noticed that sometimes apple seeds begin to sprout while STILL inside the apple?! They are just itching to be So all you need to do it take the seed out and stick it in water until it sprouts (if it hasn't already.) Afterwards, place seeds in soil and watch them grow!! My daughter wanted to do this and I thought it would be pretty fun! So far they're looking great! We had 6 of them originally, but a few wouldn't grow any bigger so I picked them out of the pot.

how to regrow apples from seeds inside

#2. Green Onions

Place the roots in a glass of water. Try to only soak the very bottom where the roots are. In 3-5 days, harvest and trim some off, then repeat! Easy! You can also plant them if you'd like.

how to regrow green onions

#1. Garlic

If you're anything like us, we use garlic for almost every meal! So the garlic bill only seems to be getting bigger! One I found out about this I was so happy! Now we can regrow our garlic to save a bit of money, and so can you! It's very easy to regrow :) Place garlic clove directly in a pot of moist soil. Keep the pot in the sunlight, and keep the soil moist. The garlic bulb will be ready to harvest in mid summer, once the bottom third of the leaves have turned yellow. Also it will be free & clear of vampires ;)

I hope this post was helpful!

Stay tuned for more gardening tips coming soon ;)

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