Everyday Life Hacks - Hot Glue Gun Hacks DIY

We've become a generation of working smarter rather than harder. These hot glue gun hacks DIY are sure to make your life easier and save you time! So if you have a hot glue gun and a little imagination, you'll love these. Enjoy, there are many more "Everyday Life Hack" posts to come ;)

Hot Glue Gun Hacks DIY

Makeup Brush Cleaning Board

Makeup Brush Cleaner - Hot glue gun hack

This is a great hack for those who don't want to spend tons of money on fancy cleaning boards, and it works great! All you need is a clipboard/cutting board and a hot glue gun, that's it! Click the image above to learn how to make it!

Pet hair glove / Cleaning glove - Hot glue gun hack

Great for removing unwanted pet hair from furniture or lint from clothing. Also great for scrubbing an cleaning tasks! Click the image above for instructions!

Hanger Grips

Hanger grips - Hot glue gun hack

Doesn't it just drive you crazy when your clothes keep slipping off the hanger? Try this! It will surely help relieve a little hanger stress ;)

Custom Glue Gun Rolling Pins

Custom Rolling Pins - Hot glue gun hack

These custom rolling pins would typically cost an arm and a leg, but this hack allows you to choose your own design without the huge price tag!

Run Grips with Glue Gun

Rug Grips - Hot glue gun hack

Rug slipping all over the place? Not only is that dangerous but it's frustrating! Try this hack and you'll never slip grips for your rugs again!

Cabinet Door Stopper - Hot glue gun hack

Don't you hate when the cabinet door slams? This will help the cabinet door banging on the cabinet. Try it!

No Sew Hair Bow

No-Sew 3 Minute Hair Bows - Hot glue gun hack

If you've got a daughter you know how much they love their bows. This tutorial requires only fabric and a glue gun...NO SEWING!! Once you try it, you'll be making bows nonstop trust me! Click the pic to check it out!

Hope you liked these hot glue gun crafts! Let me know what you think about them! ;)

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