Easy Organizing Tips

Sometimes life can get very busy and your home pays the price. Clutter seems to take over many areas of your home over periods time, especially when we're busy. In this article, we'll tackle the clutter, room-by-room. Enjoy some quick and easy tips for helping to keep the clutter to a minimum, and starting the new year off to a clean and organized start!

Kids' Rooms

Kids rooms tend to turn into a stockpile of toys, art projects, crafts, etc. The kids' rooms tend to be the toughest to tackle, so that's where we start.

1. Eliminate Junk/Unwanted Items


-plastic party favors

-fast-food toys

-paper toys


These are things you can throw out/donate without hesitation. Duplicates of toys, and old toys that are broken or no longer work properly.

2. Bath/Seasonal Items


-beach toys

-outdoor toys

-worn-out bath toys

Find items to eliminate in seasonal storage, or closets to make room for new stuff.

3. Find Favorites


-gifts from loved ones


-toys played with frequently

Give each child a bag or laundry basket and have them fill it with their all-time favorite toys. Explain that anything not being donated or thrown away will be put into temporary storage.

4. Storage

Move everything else into garbage bags or storage bins to pack them up and keep them until needed. Tell the kids that whenever they want to play with something, you'll grab it from storage. But they'll need to find something else to replace it with ;)

Clothes Closets

Besides the kids' rooms, the closets tend to be a hot mess! These tips will help keep your closet in tip-top shape!

1. Take everything out!

Take all of your stuff out of the closet. I mean everything! Find a surface to use for sorting and organizing everything. Vacuum or sweep your closet while its empty.

2. Find Favorites

Look for all of your favorite clothes, shoes and accessories. These include sentimental items, and items you wear frequently. Put them neatly back into closet. Try to start a system for categorizing items by color or type.

3. Off-season

Tackle off-season items and put into storage. You're less likely to feel attached to off-season items, so this is the best time to start a donation pile and add to it!

4. Make Outfits

The best way to decide whether or not you should keep items, is to try to create outfits. If you can't make an outfit, or don't know what should be worn with a certain item, donate it! Pre-make or take pictures of outfits in your closet for easy access. Make a pile of on-the-fence items. Try on all of the items to make sure they still fit and look the way you want it to. Also try to create outfits with these items to see if you would wear them in the future.

5. Keep Items

Put all "keep" items back in the closet, grouping and categorizing them while you go.

6. Drop off Donations

Yay! ;) :)

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