Does bullying start younger than we think?

When I got the message, I did everything to try and keep my cool...

About 2 hours into studying for my Discrete Math final, I got a message from my daughter's teacher about being scratched by another student.......ok what?! The rational mom in me said " its ok, im sure it was an accident." But the irrational mom in me says "who was it? who are their parents and where do they live?!"

I've come to realize thats it's difficult dealing with these types of situations. My daughter is only in 1st grade, and already issues are arising. I can only imagine the years to come! I decided to keep my cool. We spoke with the vice principal and addressed it calmly and firmly, but what next? I don't want this accident to potentially become a more severe one in the future. I feel that sometimes children at school are dealing with problems at home and the only outlet is school. These types of behavior and acting out unfortunately affects other students and their education. The dilemma is how do we teach our children to deal with these said issues? I think first, we should give them open forums for communication and demonstrating feelings. If a child feels attention and love, they won't need to seek it from another potentially negative source. Let your child tell you about their day, or who they played with a recess. This will help them express emotions in a positive way. Prepare your child for the world. Introduce the world to them as you would have liked to be. Just make sure that once they are old enough to go to school, they understand all the potential scenarios they may have to deal with. We teach our daughter that she can only control what she does, and nobody else. But this situation has us thinking differently now. What if a bully doesn't stop? What are the limits? This is ONE isolated situation, but will it continue with her, or another child? So we had a long talk with her and decided the best option would be to speak up! Make yourself heard! This draws attention, and its harmless. This is just a diversion for resolution. At school, there is always a teacher or administrator nearby, so this should help to at least be a diversion. In conclusion, if we all do a better job of being there for our children, and preparing them for the world, it will become a better place for everyone :)

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