It's the little things - How to make every day extra special

Every day can sometimes seems like a chore when you're stuck in the day-to-day. It's important to appreciate every day for what it's worth, and take nothing for granted.

Over the years, I've begun to notice that it's sometimes best to enjoy the little things. Doing so makes life so much more enjoyable. Instead of looking at life as a chore, look at it as a gift. This entry will be the first of many others, showcasing things we can do as parents to make every day that much better!



Waking up in the morning can be a challenge. Getting the kids up for school, making breakfast, getting kids dressed, making sure bookbags/lunches are ready...oh! as well as dressing, and getting yourself ready!

When making breakfast, this may not always be feasible, but on weekends here's a fun idea for pancakes @ home. It not only makes it more fun, but encourages kids to eat healthier as well.

If you'd rather make something without pancakes, here's a fun idea! My daughter loves boiled I just added some sausage and a banana ;)



Once the kids get home it's usually a mad dash! They run in, kick shoes off, take everything out of their backpacks and then proceed to ask for a Here are a few tips to help make that after-school rush a little less of a rush!

1. Get them in the habit of putting their things away right when they get home. Designate spots in the house for them to put their backpacks, shoes, etc. When they get home they'll get in the habit of putting their things away themselves, taking that extra task away from you ;)

2. Have them sit right down to do their homework before they do anything else! Doing so eliminates any procrastination that may occur later in the evening.

3. Kids always seem to be hungry when they get home from school! Tell them to get started on their homework, and you'll give them a snack once they get their assignment started :)

Alexis' showing me her artwork :)

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