That time of year again...

I woke up this morning and realized...OMG it's December 1st! Do you know what this means?! Christmas is less than 25 days away ALREADY!

No matter how long in advance we prepare, there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Let's be honest, it's ALOT for anyone to handle; let alone a mom whose already busy enough. First it starts with Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and BAM here comes Christmas! Just when you think you're ahead of the game, you're behind lol.

As a busy mom I feel the need to share anything/everything to help other parents who may need a little help or inspiration. So I will be starting out this blog with helpful holiday hints for everyone! Starting first with a how-to guide on fixing those pesky broken Christmas light bulbs! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

#christmas #december #tips #help

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