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Making slime has become a very popular activity for kids of all ages! In our house, we've tried so many different recipes based on our supplies. This recipe seems to be the easiest and most inexpensive way to make it. Have fun! ;)



  • Glue (Elmers recommended)

  • Water

  • Baking Soda

  • Food Coloring/Glitter (optional)

  • Contact Solution



1. Add glue to any sized mixing bowl.


2. Add desired amount of water to glue and stir to combine.


3. Lightly add baking soda, a little at a time, and stir to combine well.


4. Add food coloring and glitter as desired.


5. Add contact solution (just a little at a time) while stirring, to form the slime!


6. Once the slime stops sticking to the side of the bowl, you can remove it with your hands! Check out our "How to make slime" YouTube video below! Starring, my daughter; Alexis ;)

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how to make a barbie bunk bed

Buying accessories for Barbie can really add up! So in our household we tend to make our own versions of things as well as new accessories that you can't find/buy anywhere! I got this idea from my daughter who asked if we could buy her a bunk bed for her Barbie dolls (she really needs about 10 of these for the amount of Barbies all over her I brainstormed many different ways I could build it, and after finding a narrow shoe box, it all came to me. I hope you enjoy this craft, I know I did ;)

Ingredients/Supplies for bed frame:


  • hot-glue gun/hot-glue sticks

  • narrow shoe box (adult size)

  • decorative paper, gems, buttons, etc. Have fun with it!

  • 2 wooden dowels

  • about 5-6 popsicle sticks

Ingredients/Supplies for mattresses/pillows (optional):

  • decorative fabric of your choice (for mattress)

  • white fabric for pillow (I used an old white pillowcase)

  • cotton-fill

  • needle/thread

Steps for bed frame:


1. Take the bottom of the shoe box and stand it up horizontally. Then hot glue the lid of the shoe box laying flat on top.

2. Decorate the exterior and interior of the shoe box with printed paper, gems, stickers, etc. That's it!


Steps for mattresses/pillows:

1. Measure 4 pieces of fabric the same length and width as your shoe box. Cute them out.

2. Place fabric good-side to good-side, and sew all the way around, leaving a small hole for stuffing. Flip fabric to good-side (good-side out) and stuff with preferred amount of cotton-fill then sew shut.

3. For tufted effect, measure it 6-8 evenly spaced dots for sewing. Place your needle/thread through the hold one by one pulling and knotting to created tufted spots on the mattress. Keep leftover fabric for blankets.

4. For pillowcases; cut small rectangles of your size choice. Match good-side to good-side, and sew all the way around leaving a space for filling. Then turn inside right, and fill, then sew shut. 

5. Ladder accessory; Take 2 wooden dowels and sand/cut off ends for safety. Cut in half, and line popsicle sticks up between dowels to create a ladder effect. Hot glue to secure. 

You're Done!! Hope you liked it! ;)


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